Sabtu, 24 November 2012

Another artistic video

Ok, I'm huge fans of MIKA.
But it's not the reason why I tagged this video as another artistic video (I'm trying to be objective).
So, first, check this out:

MIKA - Underwater

After tired of blink-blink, almost nude, even combined with scene of movie (you can see the example from movie soundtrack; ie: Breaking Dawn, Skyfall), finally I see the unique concept that made by MIKA.

The main concept of the video is MIKA is on almost-cracked-boat in the middle of sea. Wind was blowing his hair. Wave made the boat slowly reach the land.
MIKA was not in the real sea, we could see very large blue textile as sea.
If you ever go to the theathre, MIKA (maybe) was inspired by the theathre stage.

The important thing of this video is MIKA was sailing alone and taking a package. He was really care with it. Suddenly it drown and MIKA jumped to the sea to save it. The most beautiful scene in this video starts from here. Mermaid-men (and I think I see a mermaid-woman too) was dancing underwater. As you know, doing any activity underwater make it looks so slowly. They (incl. MIKA) were half-naked.

I try to intrepretate the whole scene. The sailing scene is trying to describe our journey, try to find our meaning of life. Once we found it (in this case, I'd like to say it is Love), we bring it everywhere we are. We try to keep it safely, even we bet our life for Love. If it lost, we could do anything to get it back. Because without it, we (feel) have no life.

It is beautiful, isn't it?

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