Rabu, 03 Desember 2014

Finding A Voice

When I was on boat, back from Wat Arun Pier, there was contemporary public art space. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is inviting local and international tourists to experience Bangkok’s newest and innovative public art space ‘The Ferry Gallery’ that displays inspiring contemporary arts while cruising along the majestic Chao Phraya River.

At that time, there was "Finding A Voice". I just watched it few minutes because my guide (oh, hello Mr.Anwan. Next time please be more informative) had tight schedule. But it's enough to made me ask about "is the voice that you speak same with the voice you don't speak?". Pardon me for confusing you. Blame it on my philosophy education.

Luckily, I captured the explanation. I wish I got the full video

Sorry for the blurry pic. Here the text if you want to read it :

Finding a Voice exhibition explores the idea of the transformation and disruption of an identity. It questions a physical and psychological gap and conflict between the mind and body in order to grow into another self. The exhibition presents video works by Australian artist Nina Ross titled “Finding a Voice (2012)” and “The Foreignness of Languages (2011)” as well as video work “Gaza Zoo/Bath Time (2012)” by Palestinian video artist, Sharif Waked.

Finding a Voice (2012) draws on Ross’ experiences of learning a second language. There was a momentary pause, a gap between the mind and body which made Ross question herself before speaking. This disconnection was physical and psychological. Her practice examines the body as the living container of actions, thoughts and desires which actualize themselves into words in our throat through the articulation of sound (which causes the voice folds to produce vibrations). This video explores such experiences on the body as a metaphor for the repercussions on one’s sense of self; playing on the process of trying to own a foreign language.

The Foreignness of Language (2011) draws on Nina’s experience of learning Norwegian to explore how second language acquisition influences and disrupts identity. The process of learning a second tongue involves adapting and adjusting to knowing and not knowing oneself in an unfamiliar language. The foreignness of language investigates the duality of having two languages sitting inside oneself and as a result having one’s identity in a constant state of flux. The video examines the tension of being caught between two languages represented by the experiences on the body as a metaphor for the repercussions on a sense of self.

Gaza Zoo/Bath Time (2012) is a video work of a donkey transformed into a zebra in Gaza. The cross-dressing of the species variety took place at the hands of an entrepreneur  whose zoo was badly damaged in the Israeli incursion earlier that year in order to draw the crowds back. In the video “Bath Time” a donkey takes a good shower after a long day saturated with the spectator’s gaze and laughter at the Gaza Zoo. Gaza Zoo explores the industry of amusement. It ponders the politics and aesthetics of role-play and performance, the penal colony and the wild; the make-up artist and his muse; and the original and its copy.

Mengenai Saya

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I always asking about Who am I. What's life and what for. I never know who I am and it makes me know that I never know the other. And finally, life is all about pain. And the pain is about the process. Life is how, not what.