Sabtu, 25 Desember 2010

Let's talk about MIKA

Mika? What's it? Actually, it's rude question. Oke, let's change it. Who's Mika?
He's the man that sing (Relax) Take it easy, Grace Kelly, Kick Ass soundtrack. No idea? Maybe, the people on Indonesia will remember the energy drink advertisement that showed the security was dancing in traffic jam. I'm pretty sure, the song is dancing around your head (everybody's gonna love today, gonna love today, gonna love today).

You've got one of his song! Yeah, I just wanna say that I'm being over super duper crazy with his taste of music, his style, his giggle. But, underline this, the one that I really care about is his work, not his pretty face. Although, i have no doubt that he is handsome. Anyway, I'm not a teenage girl fans that screaming a lot because of the cover of book. 

Why do I like his music? Everything needs a reason, for scientist. Suddenly, I feel so sad about scientist. Boring life, they can explain anything with their damn logic reason. Let me say, his voice is falsetto. And he's proud of it. By the time, I heard men singer harmonically. Phew, am I listening orchestra? And this man, Mika, he does the different way. I can't, and you too, follow his music rhyme and his voice. But, he absolutely extremely can sing. The chaos is harmonic with special way. He's Dionysious, not Apollonian. And Nietszche, the father of madness philosophy, love Dionysious.

Then, the lyrics are totally different with the music. The songs sound so happy, make you dance. But, try to stop your shaking feet for a while, watch out the lyrics. Ah, I promise, you'll shed the tears. He combines the cynicism with 'positive-think' way. Sounds so confuse with my interpretation? It's ok, that's life. Maybe, you'll get upset with the lyric because you don't understand the relation between intro and chorus. Hey, you don't write billion chapter books. The lyric is so simple, don't you wish you'll get the Shakespeare words, but hard to understand. But, you'll get the feeling. It's about feeling, dude. We do not need the logic.

He is really love about art, I think. He made and draw his cover albums with his sister. The albums showed the cartoon theme. Full of colors, so fun. I think, he never feel shy about 'children-life', some grown-up people pretend like the age. But, that kind of people is truly pathetic. Ignore what they like because of the world. And their life is becoming black or white. Some people may say the act is not 'wise thing'. They may say, life is not that easy. Hey, you think life is easy with the children? Don't use your 'grown-up' eyes to see children life. If life is that easy, like their said, why do the children cry a lot than adult?

End of the essay, this man is really out of the box. Not for sensation, but he is honest about his self. Any problem with that? 

Like I said, I'm not interesting to talk about his life. I do care about his work. In case if you need sources to gossip, you can open these links:

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I always asking about Who am I. What's life and what for. I never know who I am and it makes me know that I never know the other. And finally, life is all about pain. And the pain is about the process. Life is how, not what.