Senin, 21 April 2014

Love Letter

Do you ever get a love letter in this super high tech era? I mean, someone write you a letter with his bare hands. With pen. Write, not type.

And do you ever get the letter with the sender popped up in front of you? Someone puts the letter in your pocket secretly?

Well, It happened to me 3 years ago. This guy wrote it with, let me say, cheesy words. At that time, I was so ashamed after read it. But, when I reread it today, I feel so melancholic. The words are still the same. But feeling has been changing. I feel so special in this fuckin high tech era.

To this guy, thank you for making me so special. But still, I have a same feeling like 3 years ago. As a friend. I appreciate all the things you have done to me (hey, I keep the fd, letter, and silly words that you wrote in my college book. Just like I keep my friends's "trace" there).

Thank you....

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I always asking about Who am I. What's life and what for. I never know who I am and it makes me know that I never know the other. And finally, life is all about pain. And the pain is about the process. Life is how, not what.