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MIKA live in Jakarta review

I know it's too late to review MIKA live in Jakarta concert. It was on May 10th. I need time to calm myself down after the concert. I felt shock in positive and negative. Feeling two contradiction in yourself is enough to fuck you up. Okay, let's review it.

As you know, I'm addicted to MIKA. I've never been so over addicted intellectually (not like fangirling) to any singer man. I had waited his concert in my country for years. That's why, when I heard he would come, I bought the ticket without any considering about the price. There was two kind of prices, Rp.900k (closest to stage) and Rp.750k (not too close to stage). Of course you know which ticket I bought ;) . I bought it 2 months before his concert. Yeah, I was super excited.

At first plan, it would be held on Saturday 11st May. One month before the concert, suddenly the date had changed to May 10th. I don't know why it had changed, some rumours said it was because at May 11st there would be Aerosmith concert (later, Aerosmith cancelled their concert, 5 days before the concert!). I was still  excited, for me it was good because it meant I would see his concert faster.

MIKA arrived in Jakarta on May 8th at 4 PM. None of his fans could reach airport at that time, because promoters didn't tell us earlier. They told us 2 hours before he arrived. Yeah, if they acted profesionally, they would tell us not 2 hours earlier (they live in Jakarta, they KNOW how crazy the traffic jam is). Or if they really not wanted to tell us about the arrival, they could shut their mouth up. On same date, at night (about 8-9 PM), there was press conference about the concert with MIKA himself. My prediction, he was just arrived from airport but he already looked so fresh (jet lag isn't his problem, I think). The promoters said he would perform on X Factor Indonesia, right after the concert. He looked shock enough. He said he didn't know it, but with smile he said "it means I will be in hurry after the concert". Somehow I felt sarcasm in his voice. Promoters said the performance on X Factor wouldn't disturb the duration of the concert. Too late, at that time I knew they lied.

Jump to May 10th,  it was  9AM
and I was already on train to Skeeno Hall (Gandaria City). The concert itself, based on schedule, will started at 8 PM. I met some of friends who like MIKA, all of us were be in same section (closest to stage). After changed the ticket, I had to find Jassmin. She's from Malaysia and we had contacted before to see MIKA together. I found her on Skeeno Hall. So I went upstair with Sherly to pick her up. There, I saw her was questioning the bodyguards, the promoters about the check sound, where MIKA would come and out, and about the backstage. It was normal for me, because based on my knowledge about MIKA concert, the promoters even his management were so nice to the fans. So I and Sherly started to ask too. But, this time we didn't have a clue. Plus, they answered unfriendly and bad intonation. Fucking seriously, I've been to many concert, and this time it's really bad. From outside, I know Skeeno Hall isnt too big but the securities, the promoters were everywhere. It was overrated.

So, I, Sherly, and Jassmin went down and waited in the line. There were only 8 fans. So, Jassmin started to think that we have to find where Mika would come and out. With over-security, he and his band were impossible to across the usual way. Jassmin, kak Ocha, Hans and his friend, went away to find the way. The rest of us, waited in the line to keep our position. In case, it would be more fans will come and we will lose our line. But we made a mistake.

The queue wasn't decrease much even it already 4.30 PM. The Jassmin team was still find a way, and I started to feel sad, "seriously, is it just us who show the enthusiasm? What if Mika see the line?". At that time, Asti asked sign from people (who already in the line) on banner that she made a night before the concert. While waiting in the line, we discussed how come the promoters giveaway tickets that much. They made quizzes, the winners could come with a friend. We also discussed how "meet up with Mika" contest was just a lie. I was almost in tears knowing MIKA with the unprofessional promoters.

About 5.30 PM, the gate was open. Jassmin and team were back, and they said the might found that way. they weren't sure, but we had to try it. Thirty mins before the gate was open, some people in the line maybe saw policies with gun went upstair to clean area. I said "fucking seriously, gun for concert? They might hide in hall to make it works. Who knows there will be snipers too?".

About 7.45 PM, we all were in hall. The stage was not sooo MIKA. There were 2 big screens, on left and right of stage. At 8 PM, MIKA wasn't on the stage yet. Just mechanistic checked the instruments. At 8.15, still was no MIKA. The big screens kept repeating the promoter ads. So far, I know MIKA is perfectionist. He couldnt be late. Bit bored and worried, we started calling MIKA. And 8.25 he came out. Frankly, no smile. Oh God, people started yelling, clapping, etc. And I was just there, shivering. Finally, I saw him. I didn't cry, I couldn't.

I started dancing and singing all along. I forgot to take a pic. He knows how to perform. He knows we've waited him. Just one word: perfect.

At 9.50 PM, he and his band showed appreciate to us. It meant, it'll over. We did encore, not because he was great but cmon less than 2 hours concert, seriously? They came out, and just sang Lollipop. And it was really over.

So, we went to rooftop. Jassmin and team thought its the way for MIKA. At rooftop, we saw more.securities saw us curiously. They acted normally, pretended no one would coming from there. Logically, if nothing will happen why they (tried) to act normally? They didn't know the power of fans.

We waited about 30 mins, finally the promoters asked securities to block our way! Each of us had 2 securities! That's, my friends, I called it moron. Finally, MIKA out and realized us. He came to us!!

****what happened to us and MIKA, I wont tell it. That's our memorable moment****

And finally, he popped in to car. He looked tired but he must perform on X Factor. Somehow, I feel MIKA regretted he left the concert for this singing stupid competition.

We're just lucky people who met him at rooftop.

I hope, next time MIKA will come again and have a good time here. I hope at that time, he won't with these shitty promoters.

P.s: one of X Factor contestant ruined his song. TWICE!

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