Kamis, 31 Januari 2013

Love Letter

This is what I wrote
Wrote it just for you 
It's not only about words
I'm sending the message to you.
It is created of sand
Wind, wave, and shiny sun
I hope it is done
And sail the message away to you
This is where the sand
Never been a time
And this is where the love I painted
It's only about you
It's the shiny sun that I kept from summer love
With every breath you took
I want to see it flows
It wishes it was in the sea tonight
And I blew it with every words
Just to make it sure it sails
I hope you will read
And keep it in your life box


Mengenai Saya

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I always asking about Who am I. What's life and what for. I never know who I am and it makes me know that I never know the other. And finally, life is all about pain. And the pain is about the process. Life is how, not what.